25 – It hasn’t been invented yet

I like to think I’m talented at something, that hasn’t been invented yet.

I think everyone is talented at something. And for people who aren’t talented, maybe they just haven’t found that thing yet. Meaning, they need to go out and try something new.

Maybe you’re really good at carving flowers into wood, but who knows until you’ve tried. Maybe you could make a living out of pouring milk for people, because you never spill, and get it at just the perfect amount in the cup? 

So for those of you, who’s talented at something that isn’t invented yet, don’t fret. Your genes will be passed on, and your children, or however further down, can benefit from them. 

You’re good at something, you just don’t know it yet.


Like Melted Ice Cream

Like Melted Ice Cream

Bam, she had died.

Engulfed was her life,

Like desert against snow.

Ice cream on cement floor,

Those tears, melange in vanilla

A hint of salt, now a sizzling stain,

Washed away, by the days rain.

Like harsh winds on brittle skin.

There! That clarity and focus,

Within the majority of blur.

There… once was, has been,



Dead, like melted ice cream.

Early Mornings

Early Mornings

I like those early, early Mornings,

When the birds are still dazed,

And the sunlight is just a haze.


When suddenly I’m awake,

Not because of nightmares,

The Future, or life’s scares.


Just a yawn here and there,

Alone, thinking, of nothing,

And smiling at everything.


The quiet calm before the storm.

The approach of a hectic day,

That makes you too tired to say,




Those early mornings, when you have time,

to crawl back into bed, and have a few more,

Hours to dream, before the daily war.

23- Options

People, like me, can be fickle. When it’s hot and sunny, I rather it be cool and cloudy. When it’s cold and depressing, I miss the brightness of the sun.

I remember reading on Scientific American Mind some while back, that the more options you get the less happy you are. So in a way the more “free” you are the less happy you are.

This brings a lot of things into perspective doesn’t it. How we, I, as free as we are to choose may possibly be less happy than someone that was only given one choice. This is to say that the concept of freedom and choice (or perhaps the “western” concept of freedom and choice), doesn’t equate to happiness.

Of course I’m not saying that all the options given will allow you to have happiness. I believe if the choices are similar, for example the choice of soda, then if one person was only given one option, while the other was given two. Data shows that the person given only one option would be happier.

This is not to say, I’m not grateful of the many choices and options I’m presented with in life.

22- Rant- If you were a (wo)man…

Okay people, let’s just get down to business. I’ve seen/been watching tv shows, and you know what really really “urks” me? It’s when the guy, be he the main character or some minor what’s-his-face character, when they cheat, the women ALWAYS flips out on the other women. (most of the shows i watch involve heterosexual relationships, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be applied to homosexual relationships.)

And I’m really hoping in real life that’s not how it happens, but I’m having my doubts.


  1. The guy/girl OBVIOUSLY KNOWS he/she has a wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend . So he/she IS the one at FAULT.
  2. I don’t care if that THIRD PERSON tried to seduce, there’s something called NO.


And this just applies to ANYONE who’s in a relationship be it one with same gender, or opposite gender. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Unless ALL THREE (Or however many people you’re having a relationship with) AGREE in this polygamous relationship, don’t do it. DON’T.

Recently victims or incidents of rape has been all the rage in the media. It’s been happening before, and it’s still happening. Which is really disappointing. Of course, back in the day women were often blamed for being victims of rape, and wait… they still are. =-=” And don’t get me wrong, men can be raped too.. If either member doesn’t say “YES”.


I don’t get how people are still doing this, it’s like stealing (obviously worse but) if it doesn’t belong to you, and the owner hasn’t said “yes” in giving the said item to you then, it’s stealing.

My advice to you, ask and accept the answer. 

21- The End

As cliche as it sounds, “Everything must come to an end”. Good or bad, sad or not. It always ends.

It could be relationships, school, jobs, retirement, vacations, travelling, or life. But everything comes to a halt eventually. Some halts are more significant than others, and more permanent.

If you’re lucky you’ll find that one person you love, and you’ll stay together till the end of your days. If you’re not, well.. you can always find new love.

Sometimes people are afraid of endings, most likely because they’re uncertain of what lies in the future. Because with something old and familiar, they know. They’re less afraid of losing what they had in the past, than what may come in the future.

If you’re really debating whether to let something go or not, then I honestly think you just should. There wouldn’t be any hesitations or doubts about anything, if you were certain.

The end, begins again.

19- Dreams Interrupted

I really hate it when real life catches up with you when you’re dreaming.

It’s so much more interesting living in a dream state, where decisions are made sub-consciously and you live life differently.

Like just when you’re in the middle of your dre — BEEP BEEP BEEP. What was going to happen next? Like in that dream world, it was an alternate dimension. I wanted to know the differences between that world and this one.

But I guess dreams are interrupted in everyday life too right?

That job, because of that love.

That school, because of those grades.

Your family, because of money.

Yea, dreams don’t always go our way.

Thin Walls

Thin Walls

Those thin walls can’t keep secrets from the rest

Sometimes those walls are made of cloth.

Other times just plain cardboard.

If you whisper, but listen really hard,

Words can still be heard.

But if, just if you keep silent,

Those thin walls won’t betray you.

And your secret will remain hidden

Like foggy silhouettes,

behind those thin walls.