Murder Mystery – Episode Timeline

I’ve watched enough murder mystery type tv shows (eg. Sherlock, Elementary, Criminal Minds) to know what’s the dealio when it comes to the outline/framework of their episode order. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it, but here’s what I’ve noticed. The pilot episode and most likely the rest of first seasons drum roll… will have a […]

22- Rant- If you were a (wo)man…

Okay people, let’s just get down to business. I’ve seen/been watching tv shows, and you know what really really “urks” me? It’s when the guy, be he the main character or some minor what’s-his-face character, when they cheat, the women ALWAYS flips out on the other women. (most of the shows i watch involve heterosexual relationships, but […]

2- Rant- Cheesy Manga Plots

Today I’m going to rant about cheesy manga plots. So I’ve read prolly close to 100+ or – (give or take) mangas in my life. (not that long of life a anyways) and I’ve seen some reoccurring scenes or predictable scenes. It comes naturally after you’ve read so many. BEAUTIFUL BOY: This is usually the […]