At first I thought, “Let’s give it a try.” And it was fine for a while, Great even. There was one warning, One Confrontation. And it was dismissed. And then your voice started to disappear, Your guilt probably made you sick. But you fought it off, Really well too. Blaming it on something else. Drugging your […]

Early Mornings

Early Mornings I like those early, early Mornings, When the birds are still dazed, And the sunlight is just a haze.   When suddenly I’m awake, Not because of nightmares, The Future, or life’s scares.   Just a yawn here and there, Alone, thinking, of nothing, And smiling at everything.   The quiet calm before […]

Thin Walls

Thin Walls Those thin walls can’t keep secrets from the rest Sometimes those walls are made of cloth. Other times just plain cardboard. If you whisper, but listen really hard, Words can still be heard. But if, just if you keep silent, Those thin walls won’t betray you. And your secret will remain hidden Like […]


(Inspired by Robert Frost) Frosty The small broken glass shards glisten In the cold under the streetlights Entangled with the grass Ready to melt tomorrow in the sun And become dew once more.   The moon shines far less bright Than the tall straight lines of Streetlights soldiers Ready for duty The ice glistens more, […]

Pressure, the Beast

Pressure, the Beast Pressure is great, dwelling near by In the cave of Pushed-Back-Thoughts. And it’s companion Doubt and Pressure, Are clawing at the gates pushing it back. Pressure is a Beast, it has corrupted Everyone’s mind, and uses them to Reminds us over, and over, and over again. The only things that can defeat […]