26 – In 5 years

It’s apparently been a year since I started this blog. Wow, how time flies and how much has not changed. I’m surprised quite a number of you are still following me. Or like me you’ve simply forgotten that this place existed at all. In general life has been the same. Still worrying about school, still […]

23- Options

People, like me, can be fickle. When it’s hot and sunny, I rather it be cool and cloudy. When it’s cold and depressing, I miss the brightness of the sun. I remember reading on Scientific American Mind some while back, that the more options you get the less happy you are. So in a way […]

22- Rant- If you were a (wo)man…

Okay people, let’s just get down to business. I’ve seen/been watching tv shows, and you know what really really “urks” me? It’s when the guy, be he the main character or some minor what’s-his-face character, when they cheat, the women ALWAYS flips out on the other women. (most of the shows i watch involve heterosexual relationships, but […]