Best (Horrible) Friend

Best (Horrible) Friend


I’m on the outskirts of everyone’s friends list.

Let’s be real, I don’t think I’ll be missed.

Are my jokes so mediocre, CleverBot has more?

How can I be Glen Coco, and get 4?


I am a horrible friend, or act like one too?

Annoyance and Ignorance are really hard to mend.

If you have these two traits just say,

So I won’t try to make you my mate.


Physical appearance, or do I just not have “it”?

Being close friends to some, sometimes makes me sick.

Maybe that’s how some feel when they’re with me

So I live on the edge of, “It’ll never be”.


Everyone’s walking through life with their BFF

I’m just looking for a chance at that test.

If you want one too, just send me a text.

Just make sure you don’t type like a mess.


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