28 – So Vague

When am I ever on to blog?

When I feel like typing on my keyboard copious amounts of things that I don’t have to put a lot of thought into. The need to sound like I’m being productive.

Some updates (tldr) on my life:

  • Maybe moving away soon to another country by myself for a period of time
  • Trying to concentrate on assignments
  • Thinking about the future (but that’s as per usual)
  • I shop now (??!)


Well yea, I don’t know how else to put this, but I may be moving to a foreign country to teach English for about 6 months.

My thoughts on the trip? I’m a jumble of emotions, mainly nervous, excited, and worried.¬†Nervous because, I’m going to live on my own. And excited and worried for the same reason.

I’m looking forward to learning/picking up a new language while I’m away. I think this will be a good experience for me. If possible I would definitely tell anyone who can to try abroad once in their life. Because even the pre-trip seems to be changing me for the better.

Summer Class

Knowing me, if you do, I’m taking summer class. And as per usual I’m not really in it to win it. It’s sunny, the weather is nice, my friends are back from out-of-town schooling, and my food bucket-list has been well fed. And by well fed I mean, it’s getting longer, and doesn’t look like I will be able to be fed at those places anytime soon. Especially because I will be leaving soon.

Future Thoughts

I’ve found something I’m passion about pursuing. But do you ever feel like there’s only so much you know about other certain career choice, because people only know about the “to be a doctor/lawyer” route?

Let’s be real, almost everyone I’ve ever encountered knows what route to take to become a doctor/lawyer. Are they successful, did they make it? That’s not the important question. Because at least they didn’t get lost. They may just be denied entrance. Is that better or worse?

The only thing I know that I have to do is, I need to pursue further education, like a Masters or maybe even more.


Consumerism has finally got me.

I used to be that person that would not want to go shopping, or even look at products, because A) I had no money B) I didn’t want to buy it (it was a waste) C) I did not get shopping.

Now I make my own money, with a part-time job. And online shopping is as convenient as it gets. And clothes.

I mainly browse online potential items that I am interested in buying, especially clothes. I don’t trust myself to buy clothes online because I can be quite picky with the fit, and I am also a person that dislikes asking for refunds or even going to go for refunds. So I never have. I take ages to buy things online though. It’s like a 2 month process of product-brain application, to weighing the cost and benefit of the product, to reading all the reviews that are available online.

It’s been vague, like blog post, like life. Catch me another time writing my memoir on each topic.


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