27 – New Years Resolution

It is now February, how have everyone’s new years resolution been? Are you still working on them? Or have they been pushed back (forward) till next year?

I want to say that mine have started to pick up and I hope they’re not temporary. I can’t say whether I will continue to stick to my resolutions, but one can only hope.

This year my New Years Resolution included 3 short things that I wanted to work on

  1. Exercise more.
  2. Procrastinate Less.
  3. Make up.

These things are quite vague as you can see, so it’s really up to my interpretation on whether I’ve succeeded or not.

Exercise More – Yes.

  • I have been following this 30-day challenge calendar, and it’s just about 10 minutes worth of exercise each day, even though this is not a lot and sometimes I skip.
  • It’s the most consistent I’ve been with trying to stay healthy thus far ever since high school.
  • I’d never wanted to do 30-day challenge before, because they’ve always escalated quickly and seemed very time consuming.
  • However, I was able to find one recently that had small increases and showed me how to do all the moves.
  • And it was easy to do at home.

Procrastinate Less – Maybe.

  • I’ve been working really hard to be productive and not waste time on unnecessary things.
  • But they do say old habits die hard.
  • I still procrastinate on sleeping and we’ll have to wait and see how I do with studying for finals.
  • I’ve also rearranged my calendar, so now it’s colour-coded!

Make up – A little?

  • As I’m getting older, it is conventional for me to become more sophisticated, and appear more mature.
  • I’m not very good at putting it on, probably because of my lack of, but I think that even if I don’t wear it often, when I do I should at least not struggle/ look good.
  • It’s hard to say “practice” because I don’t own a lot of make up.
  • But I have watched a video on how to improve. (yay?)


I’ve also become quite obsessed as of late, with

  1. Being organized
    1. Color-coded calendar
    2. Renaming Files so they have capitals
  2. Bullet points
  3. Window shopping online

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