At first I thought, “Let’s give it a try.”
And it was fine for a while,
Great even.

There was one warning,
One Confrontation.
And it was dismissed.

And then your voice started to disappear,
Your guilt probably made you sick.

But you fought it off,
Really well too.
Blaming it on something else.
Drugging your guilt.

It kept coming back.
More resilient each time.
The guilt was becoming a super bug
Each time you didn’t finish your denial-antibiotics,
your guilt-killers.
It came back.

And there I was just as addicted as you with those drugs.

I gave up.
I let you win.
And you used me for your addiction.

You tried to warn me,
by making me feel bad.

“Should have known better”
One of our your friends replied.

Second Last Confrontation.

“I’m sorry… Bye”


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