21- The End

As cliche as it sounds, “Everything must come to an end”. Good or bad, sad or not. It always ends.

It could be relationships, school, jobs, retirement, vacations, travelling, or life. But everything comes to a halt eventually. Some halts are more significant than others, and more permanent.

If you’re lucky you’ll find that one person you love, and you’ll stay together till the end of your days. If you’re not, well.. you can always find new love.

Sometimes people are afraid of endings, most likely because they’re uncertain of what lies in the future. Because with something old and familiar, they know. They’re less afraid of losing what they had in the past, than what may come in the future.

If you’re really debating whether to let something go or not, then I honestly think you just should. There wouldn’t be any hesitations or doubts about anything, if you were certain.

The end, begins again.


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